"I want to live: as passionately and fully as any human ought to. I want to live: not for some reward that religions promise in the after-life, but to live here, on this earth, in this world, where so much is possible."

Anthony Dynar

Years of experience
licensed since 2005

specializes in hair extension

Exclusively a Paul Mitchell focus salon

gives back and participates in local government

Hours Practicing
small business owner

Arizona native

real estate licensee


Cosmosophia: the science of successfully living in this world. At the end of the day I, Anthony Dynar, want to make the best of the circumstances we are in. This is what drives me every day and is the only motivation I need: I want to live.


The continuing deregulation of Arizona’s cosmetology industry has created a troubling rift in our local styling community. Last year, I took an interest in this topic when several of my state’s legislators began debating House Bill 2011. The Blow Dry Bill, as it was quickly nicknamed, allows unlicensed stylists to provide more hair services, including washing, curling and blow-drying, without obtaining training, permits and insurance. 

Anyone in support of the common-sense bill, including myself, has been criticized for trying to “tear apart an industry.” As a licensed cosmetologist since 2005 and a salon owner, I am baffled that more of my peers are not railing against this unjust system. States are implementing stringent requirements for extensive, expensive schooling and licensing to perform entry-level tasks. These antiquated regulations are stifling the creative entrepreneurial spirit that is the heartbeat of the beauty community. 
Blow-Dry Stylist: Good Riddance to Regulations that Stifle Entrepreneurship (In Defense of Liberty).
Governor Doug Ducey today signed SB 1401 (legislation sponsored by Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita).
Tangled: A Commonsense Solution to Stop Blow-Dry Bar Overregulation (By Jenna Bentley & Christina Sandefur).